Mark Travis Testimonial

Fashion is a matter of expertise and taste. Expertise can be taught. If you have taste but lack expertise, Natalia is the best teacher!

Mark Travis, Software Developer

Mark Travis (a bald man wearing a suit and a tie) portrait

I hired Natalia for a complete style make-over. I wanted to gain confidence by learning to present myself in the best way. Prior to Natalia, my wardrobe mainly consisted of old tee-shirts and highwater jeans. For less casual functions, I had stodgy dress shirts and ill-fitting slacks. Shopping for myself overwhelmed me: I didn't know what to pick out with all of the choices presented. That's where Natalia came in.

After a brief but thorough interview about my personality and goals, Natalia took charge of a two shopping expedition through Los Angeles. She guided me through boutiques and department stores picking out a comprehensive new wardrobe for me. All the while describing how each component fit. One thing important to me is not having to think too much about what I wear. So Natalia made sure that my new clothes go together in just about any combination: but I continue to work with Natalia for continuous improvement!

Now family, old friends, and colleagues remark favorably about my style: I'm still the same person I have been throughout my life. Now I present myself how that person has always been meant! I get compliments from strangers about articles I wear. Sometimes I feel like I just waked off the set of a magazine! 

A bald man wearing a t-shirt and jeans before he hired a stylist

Before transformation

A bald man wearing a blue suit and a tie in a dressing room after hiring a stylist A bald man wearing a blue coat in a dressing room after hiring a stylist

After transformation

Barry Zalener Testimonial

Natalia will help you to change your life as she did mine!

Barry Z, Lawyer, Beverly Hills

Barry Z, an older guy wearing a pink shirt, portrait

As a practicing attorney for over 40 years, I have met many different people with life-changing ideas. Until recently, they have never come through. I was introduced to Natalia, a fashion stylist and lifestyle advisor. My first impression was another gimmick that would go nowhere!! Now, I have entire new exciting wardrobe, a new look (having lost substantial weight), my colleagues continually ask me, “what did you do, you look 10 to 15 years younger.” Even my golf buddies comment that “it’s about time you learned how to dress.” I would highly recommend Natalia – she’s patient, she listens and, most importantly, she knows what she’s doing. Natalia will help you change your life as she did mine!!!

An older guy wearing a shirt and trousers standing next to his dog before he hired a stylist

Before transformation

An older guy standing next to the wall wearing a shirt and pink trousers after hiring a stylist An older guy standing next to a golf cart wearing a polo and white shorts after hiring a stylist

After transformation

Ksenia's Testimonial

Natalia has a very classy yet edgy and ageless styling that will last you a while.

Ksenia Poz, Beauty Salon Owner, LA/NY

Ksenia Poz, a brunette girl, smiling

My name is Ksenia, I’m 35 years old. I own a beauty salon in Beverly Hills and NY, so I travel constantly between two states. I’ve hired NATALIA Naila about two years ago to help me with my wardrobe. Every season we go shopping and update new styles and create new looks. I just love how easy to work with NATALIA and she is so fast and has an incredible eye for details and looks I’ve never thought putting them together! She has a very classy yet edgy and ageless styling that will last you a while.

A girl with a dog wearing a black coat, a black hat and black pants, before hiring a stylist A girl standing on rocks wearing a black leather coat before hiring a stylist

Before transformation

A brunette girl smiling, wearing dark blue shirt and grey pants, after hiring a stylist A brunette girl standing on a sidewalk wearing a teal suit

After transformation

Emma's Testimonial

Natalia is a brilliant, wise and practical stylist and a life coach. To hire her was the best decision I made to change my life.

Emma Rothwell, New York, NY

Emma Rothwell, a blonde girl with curly hair portrait

Natalia is an outstanding stylist and a life coach. While I was separating from a long-term relationship, I decided to use her stylist services through Skype. Natalia right away changed my entire view of the current wardrobe and helped me to pick essential and great pieces. My look changed so dramatically even I did not buy a lot of clothing. Natalia explained to me in details what will look good on me and what I can combine from existing clothes that I owned. I had a few styling sessions with her and every session was like a breath of fresh air. Moreover, she not just changed my wardrobe and look, she also helped me to go through a tough time in my life. Her advices were supportive and also challenging. She pushed me to go out and gave recommendations which made my life better. Sometimes you just need this person to guide you and having Natalia at that moment was an essential part of my transformation. I can’t enough recommend her to anyone who wants change their current lifestyle, starting with clothing and finish to whatever is necessary to be a happier person.

A blonde girl wearing grey pants, white shirt and light jacket, before hiring a stylist

Before transformation

A blonde girl wearing a white dress sitting on steps, after hiring a stylist

After transformation