TENCEL® by Lenzing is manufactured with one non-toxic organic chemical compound and is tested and proved to not be in the fiber after production. Many organic cotton products start from an organic cotton field, but during production, many chemicals are used which no longer makes the fiber organic.

Is Tencel hypoallergenic?

TENCEL is hypoallergenic, odor-resistant, itch-free, and incredibly soft too. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, it's an excellent option for you.

Is Tencel a breathable fabric?

The fiber is economical in its use of energy and natural resources and is fully biodegradable. Lyocell was created with color in mind, because of the fibers' high absorbency. The fabrics can be dyed to high quality standards. This eco fabric has natural breathability and 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton.

What kind of fabric is Tencel?

Whatever it's called, Tencel or lyocell is a sustainable fabric, regenerated from wood cellulose. It is similar in hand to rayon and bamboo, both regenerated fabrics. However, Tencel is one of the most environmentally friendly regenerated fabrics, for several reasons. Tencel fibers are grown sustainably.