Always striving to create vivid scenes of inspiring fashion, Natalia has lent her styling expertise to help realize memorable images in notable magazines and fashion campaigns. With her creative direction, Natalia aims to infuse images with deep emotion and distinct personality, making them memorable and evocative to the viewer.

Her work has been featured in notable fashion publications like Glamour, Vogue Japan, Elle Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Pie, No. 3, Trend Preve Magazine, Essential Marbella Magazine, and appeared in TV shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

To view her work up-close, click on the images.

Heidi and Spencer Pratt: a pregnant blonde girl wearing a long pink dress is looking at a man holding a dog who is wearing a pink shirt People magazine cover - house of horrors title Trend Prive magazine cover, a brunette woman with short hair wearing a stylish dress Glamour magazine, Jennifer Aniston on the cover wearing a black dress
US Weekly magazine cover, smiling Ivanka Trump split picture. On the first, a brunette with shorter hair is wearing a beige dress standing next to a staircase. On the second one, a blonde woman wearing a sexy beige dress is reclining on the windowsill Spencer and Heidi Pratt, a man wearing a pink shirt and holding a dog hugging a pregnant blonde woman wearing a long pink dress People magazine cover, Ree Drummond, a red-headed woman with longer hair wearing a pink shirt
Trend Prive magazine, a blonde woman wearing a black dress A collage, a candle with the Lovers sign, heart-shaped box of candy, baby clothes, Heidi and Spencer Pratt hugging each other and holding a baby Split picture. First, a blonde girl wearing a tiara and a grey dress. On the second, a brunette with a shorter hair wearing a blue dress
Pie magazine, a brunette wearing an orange shirt Heidi and Spencer Pratt holding a baby together Inside US magazine, Barack Obama and Prince Harry. At the bottom, pregnant Heidi Spencer wearing a green dress and holding her belly
a blonde with long hair having her chest half-open wearing a magenta hat and blue sleeveless vest a brunette with shorter hair wearing a beige dress is standing next to the staircase Essential magazine. A Brunette with curly long hair wearing a grey-ish blue dress
a short-hair brunette covering her face with a hand, wearing a black suit with white in the middle A collage with four pregnant girls, two blondes and two brunettes, both blondes are holding their bellies A collage, eight photos of a brunette girl with longer hair in different positions