"I love to play golf, my favorite places are Palm Desert Big Horn Country Club and Pebble Beach Carmel by the sea 'The Lodge'. I’m a Mom of Wonderful Daughter Sofia! I love traveling around the world and love exploring different cultures. I love to read and spend time by the beach. Exercising and good nutrition with proper supplements is key to youth and happiness in my life. I meditate on a daily bases and work with crystals and essential oils. I prefer nice oils over perfume. I love a good Laugh and a good Healthy Meals".


Natalia Naila is a stylist and fashion designer based out of Los Angeles who has made it big on the back of her progressive outlook towards fashion, coupled with her seamless technique.

Her trademark is not derived from a single point of reference but rather her strong commitment to detail, her meticulous collaboration with her clients and understanding of their needs, and her unwavering zeal for bringing together moments of unforgettable fashion and finesse.

With 10 years of experience working in the posh LA setting under her belt, she has contrived an instinct for delivering a sense of style unique to every individual client, and allowing them to build a distinct image for themselves. This capacity of hers has allowed her to create dozens of magazine covers and editorials worldwide. This includes having designed 2 collections of Eco-friendly loungewear that went on to be showcased in Access Hollywood and Glamour Magazine.

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